CIS Credit Reports

Credit ReportsCIS offers credit reports from all 3 national bureaus. The most comprehensive credit report is the TriMerge Credit Report which combines data from all three national bureaus into a single format, eliminating duplicate data. In one ordering transaction, access a credit report that is complete, streamlined and easy-to-read. With the TriMerge Credit Report, CIS offers features such as a customizable layout, a summary section for important information and highlighted derogatory information. For credit on commercial entities, CIS offers Business Credit Reports.

CIS offers subscription-based solutions that are used in conjunction with Credit Report pulls. These cost-effective tools address client need to work with the best, most accurate score for every applicant, strengthen due diligence processes and uncover growth opportunity with every transaction. These solutions include the suite of Credit Analyzer Solutions, InstantID and RiskView Liens & Judgments
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CIS Residential Mortgage Credit Report (RMCR)

This comprehensive report complies with or exceeds all Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, HUD, and VA guidelines. If a borrower has a complicated credit history with several items requiring verification, the RMCR provides a comprehensive solution where disputes can be uncovered early in the process, preventing delays and surprises closer to closing.

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