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InstantID® is a powerful consumer verification tool, accessing over 36 billion public & private records and powered by LexisNexis linking technology. The only verification solution endorsed by the American Bankers Association, InstantID® yields a 99.9% resolution rate through multiple levels of authentication:   
  • Validating data is real (SSA issued SSN, valid address)  
  • Verifying data belongs to 1 person (SSN/DOB match name) 
  • Identifying suspicious & compromised identities (SSN issued prior to DOB, SSN on death master file)
InstantID® immediately detects fraudulent indicators, including:
  • SSN issued prior to birth date
  • Prison & campground addresses
  • Terrorist watchlist & OFAC records
  • Disconnected phone numbers
  • Death records
Authenticate hard-to-find applicants with InstantID®, who are overlooked using only traditional credit data:
  • 10% of US consumers have no file with all 3 credit bureaus
  • Only 36% of applicants have the same address on file with all 3 credit bureaus
  • 6% of applications include mis-keyed names, addresses and SSN
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Application Data Validation

Application Data Validation (ADV) is a comprehensive tool that verifies all loan information in one, easy-to-read report with summarized findings! ADV includes validation elements required by secondary market investors including Fannie Mae LQI, CitiMortgage, Chase Rural, Stonegate Mortgage, Pacific Union Financial, and others:
  • Summary Alert & Risk Score
  • Borrower Identity
  • Address History & Property Ownership
  • MERS Lien
  • Employer ID
  • Subject Property
  • FHFA Home Price Index
  • FEMA Declared Disaster
  • Excluded Party & Appraiser License
  • AVM 
  • Estimated Income
Objective and independent analysis, using the most current, real-time data to detect fraud, flag risk elements, enable compliance and reduce the risk of loan repurchase!

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Social Security Administration (SSA) Search

Verify SSN and name combination while checking against the SSA Death Master file. The SSA89 Report satisfies Fannie Mae's LQI requirement.
SSA89 Authorization Form
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An attestation form must be completed (one per client account), to fulfill SSA-89 requests:
SSA Attestation

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