CIS Prequalification Report

Credit ReportsCIS prequalification credit reports reveal if an applicant is ready to move forward in the underwriting process with a soft-pull! Save cost and a hard inquiry on applicants that do not currently meet qualification thresholds.

Deliver non-qualifying applicants customized score-improvement plans, after reviewing their prequalification report. Gain a competitive edge by providing personalized next steps for score improvement and defined timelines to applicants that do not currently meet qualification thresholds. By building relationships, you fill your pipeline, growing future closings and referrals!
Prequalification reports can only be used for assessment and may not be reissued or submitted for underwriting. Applicants that meet qualification thresholds are required to provide separate authorization for their mortgage tri-bureau credit report, to be used for all underwriting purposes.

CIS prequalification reports are permissibly purposed for clients licensed through the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS).

2-bureau PreQual Credit Report

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