Trended Credit Data

Fannie Mae requires Trended Credit Data when underwriting single-family loans through Desktop Underwriter (DU). Trended Credit Data is historical detail on the trade-line showing the actual monthly payment, balance and scheduled payment over the previous 24 months. Trended Credit Data may reveal credit behavior such as:
  • if the borrower pays off revolving credit lines each month
  • if the borrower makes minimum or other monthly payment amounts
  • if the borrower is reducing total amount borrowed over time
  • if the borrower makes inconsistent or seasonal changes in monthly payments
Trended credit data is available in all CIS mortgage credit.
Sample Trended Data Report          CIS Trended Data FAQ 
CIS released TrendScapeTM a CreditXpert report, on mortgage credit. TrendScapeTM simplifies Trended Data, through a cover-page report, which includes:
  • description of revolving balance movement (debt-level static, increasing or decreasing)
  • summary of payment patterns for revolving & installment accounts (paying the minimum, paying extra, paying balances in full)
  • mid-score forecast (potential impact, if any, to applicant's loan program qualification)
DU version 10.0 requires Trended Data on mortgage credit reports.
DU 10.0 Overview          DU 10.0 Release Notes          DU 10.0 FAQ          DU Infographic
Equifax and TransUnion released studies revealing how Trended Data may benefit risk analysis and consumer credit access. This Infographic shows the Equifax study and more information from Transunion can be found here. CIS mortgage credit includes Trended Data from Equifax, TransUnion and Experian.

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