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CIS is a nationwide, technology-enabled provider of credit reporting and related services, leading the industry for service and response times. CIS is independently owned, led by an executive team with extensive industry experience and supported by teams of Customer Service professionals, who deliver continuous results that consistently out-pace the competition. By maintaining a resolute focus on closing more loans for every client, CIS has continuously grown since 1986, supporting a client-base in all 50 states.

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CIS serves clients in many different industries, including:

Mortgage, Lending & Financial Services

Commercial Business

Tenant & Employment Screening

Housing & Urban Development Agencies

CIS solutions optimize decision-making, positioning clients for business growth while mitigating risk by addressing information needs for:



Identity & Fraud


Background Screening

CIS Credit Solutions

CIS is a member of the following groups:

CIS is also a member of many local chapters of mortgage professionals and lenders nationwide. Learn more about how CIS can help you grow your business and protect you from risk.

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