business credit

Business Credit Services

CIS Business Credit ServiceA credit profile showing risk attributes of a business entity

Confidently conduct business knowing the entity’s financial stability and credit risk

Flexible report options allow you to analyze as much detail as your procedures require to consistently assess risk

Access to detailed insight on a commercial entity that may include: payment patterns, business principals, industry classifications, public records, corporate family tree, financial details, company history, competitive analysis and more

Business Credit Reports are used to identify risk and to assess growth opportunities. Reports provide varying levels of detail – from basic facts on core business operations and the executive team, to detailed credit, payment, public record, industry and competitive information. Industry-leading data sources, advanced modeling, and scoring capabilities enable customers to confidently assess commercial entities. Numerous data options and customizable levels of detail can be included or excluded using layouts that most efficiently address your risk-mitigation needs and/or business-growth indicators. Portfolio Solutions are available to identify, monitor and assess risk and growth indicators across entire books of business.