cis credit report service

Credit Report Services

Credit Report (TriMerge Credit, TriBureau Credit)credit reporting service

A profile that provides insight on an individual’s financial stability and payment behavior.  Includes payment history, credit limits, account status, type of credit and more.


Includes all borrower details available from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion

Removes duplication, merging all data from the 3 bureaus into 1 comprehensive profile

Instant fulfillment – CIS credit is delivered within seconds of request

Integrated in all primary Loan Origination Systems (i.e. Encompass, Calyx Point, and over 80 others), and all primary consumer-facing portals

Customizable formats ease analysis, create efficiencies & promote consistent evaluation

Flexible options for ‘always-on’ data variables enforce compliance & consistent adherence to procedures. Examples include Lien & JudgmentCredit AssureTrendScapeInstantID

12-month or 24-month Mortgage Only formats available instantly for no additional cost

Spanish & Chinese language options

Fulfills GSE guidelines

Re-issuable through Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, secondary lenders & investors

Secured & transmitted in adherence to the latest data privacy & security standards

Includes all required & requested data variables: FICO score, FACTA, Trended Data, OFAC, fraud alert and more

Comprehensive account management features facilitate ease-of-access and control at multiple levels within your organization (individual, branch, geographical location, department, team, subsidiary)

CIS offers credit reports from the 3 national bureaus. The most comprehensive credit report is the TriMerge Credit Report which combines data from the three national bureaus into a single format, eliminating duplicate data.  In one ordering transaction, access a credit report that is complete, streamlined and easy-to-read. With the TriMerge Credit Report, CIS offers features such as a customizable layout, a summary section for important information and highlighted derogatory information.

CIS offers several solutions that are used in conjunction with Credit Report to provide even more comprehensive detail on the applicant.  Additional detail on the applicant’s liens & judgments, score-point potential, and risk-propensity, can be included with each credit report, upon request.  These cost-effective tools address client need to work with the best, most accurate score for every applicant, strengthen due diligence processes, and uncover growth opportunities with every transaction.  If your need is to assess credit on a commercial entity, ask CIS about their Business Credit Reports.

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) requires mortgage brokers and lenders to provide a disclosure to any home loan applicant on which they have viewed a credit score. The disclosure must include:

Credit score
Key factors affecting the score
Score range
The date the score was created
Name of the bureau that created the score

CIS helps you comply with FACTA by handling the delivery of the disclosure for you. CIS mails the required disclosure directly to the applicant, within the required time frame, when you request Score Disclosure service.