Employment Screening Services

Employment Screening Services

Protect your company’s brand & reputationCIS application service

Identify risk in potential hires

Support Human Resource procedures for monitoring risk in existing staff

Broad & in-depth search types address all areas of risk:

Civil searches

County, state, federal, national, international criminal searches

Credit searches

Driving record searches

Drug screening

Identity & Person searches

Financial & Healthcare Sanctions

Global Security WatchLists

Sexual offense registries

… and many more

Flexible product-bundling options to match search-types to position & responsibility level

Leverage the CIS brand for FCRA-compliance and risk-assessment to ensure you are protecting your company!  With 34 years of leadership and experience in compiling credit reports, CIS provides the knowledge-base and tools needed to ensure you are hiring the best candidate, retaining top talent and protecting your company from the financial risk and reputation-damage that result from negligent hiring. CIS will work with you, one-to-one, ensuring your employment screening addresses the unique needs of your company, different position responsibilities, and industry.