cis flood certificate services

Flood Zone Certification

A report that certifies if a property is located in a FEMA-identified flood zone

Available within seconds of request

Updated and maintained with the latest FEMA flood-map determinations

Life of Loan and Basic service

Loan portfolio review service

Census tract & HMDA services included

CertMap offers high resolution, full-color satellite, and aerial images, along with digital road-layers

cis flood certificate servicesCIS offer flood solutions to meet your needs, from real-time delivery of flood zone determinations on each property requested, to complete portfolio tracking and monitoring.  FEMA continually updates and re-assesses flood zone determinations to account for environmental shifts, levee reclassification and other changes.  CIS partners with ServiceLink, the nation’s leading flood-risk provider, to stay abreast of all FEMA flood map changes, ensuring CIS clients are in full flood compliance at all times.

All flood certifications are determined using digital and hard copy FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps and Flood Hazard Boundary Maps. These maps are used in conjunction with geocoding software, street maps, tax maps, plats, and aerial and satellite photos.  Additionally, CIS provides all determinations on the FEMA-mandated Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form.  Using Life-of-Loan services, you can always be confident the latest FEMA map changes are captured and delivered to you.  Life-of-Loan notifications include redeterminations and notification of new determinations, plus add efficiency to your workflows by focusing your attention on the properties in your portfolio that represent the greatest risk.

CIS offers the exclusive CertMap through ServiceLink National Flood.  CertMap is provided when a structure is within a flood zone area.  It incorporates high-resolution FEMA images, digital road layers and full-color satellite & aerial images.  CertMap delivers a high-quality map solution showing the subject property’s proximity to FEMA flood zones.