Consumer verification
InstandID prevent fraud service

Prevent fraud with instant consumer verification

Catch risk before labor cost is incurred on loan files

Consumer verification score provides means to consistently enforce procedures

Instant access to over 36 billion public & private record filings reveals hidden risk

Delivers a 99.9% resolution rate

The only consumer verification endorsed by the American Banking Association

InstantID® is a powerful consumer verification tool, accessing billions of sources and powered by LexisNexis linking technology.  InstantID is the only verification solution endorsed by the American Bankers Association.  By providing access to the industry’s most thorough identity database, InstantID streamlines compliance required under the USA PATRIOT Act.  InstantID automates watch-list checking and cross-references against a comprehensive set of global terrorist watch lists, including the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and others.  Multiple levels of authentication are used to produce a 99.9% resolution rate!

InstantID also authenticates hard-to-find applicants who are typically overlooked using only traditional credit data. 10% of US consumers have no file with all 3 credit bureaus and only 36% of applicants have the same address on file with all 3 credit bureaus.  InstantID combines the strongest, most effective identity verification system available to instantly authenticate individuals.

Tip: Ask CIS to activate InstantID as an ‘always-on’ solution to strengthen compliance & prevent fraud on every credit pull!