cis Lien & Judgment Services

Lien & Judgment Services

Lien & Judgment (LexisNexis, L&J, RiskView)

A report that includes public record lien & judgment (L&J) filings

Instantly assess consumer default risk

Borrowers with unpaid Lien & Judgement records are 2x more likely to default

Reveal the liens & judgments that the credit bureaus removed from mortgage credit

CIS L&J report is FCRA compliant!

CIS fulfills L&J supplements with the same ease-of-ordering as credit supplements

liens and judgements cis serviceIn 2017 and 2018, in accordance with Personal Identifying Information and revalidation standards implemented by the National Consumer Assistance Plan, the credit bureaus removed liens and judgments from consumer credit.  The changes did not impact bankruptcy filings, which continue to be included in the Public Record section of credit reports.  The Lien & Judgment report provides the information the credit bureaus removed.  Many underwriting procedures continue to require the public record information as studies have shown consumers with unpaid liens or judgments are more likely to default than consumers with no derogatory public records.

LexisNexis is the industry leader in public record information, utilizing superior linking technology that yielded near perfect (99.75%) matching accuracy in rigorous testing.  CIS clients can use the L&J report as an addendum, automatically included with every credit report, or request the L&J report individually, apart from credit.

Tip: L&J addendum provides an ‘always-on’ solution to assess risk from public records