cis Portfolio Monitoring Services

Portfolio Monitoring Services

portfolio monitoringIdentify & assess risk and growth opportunities across company-wide accounts

Eliminate time spent researching & monitoring your entire portfolio

Focus customer-service activities on accounts most requiring attention

Proactively address accounts with indicators signifying future buy-back and/or default risk

Proactively identify growth indicators to cross-sell, up-sell and broaden relationships

CIS delivers solutions to mitigate risk & identify growth opportunities across your entire portfolio.  By using CIS solutions to monitor your accounts you can focus on growing the business, confidently knowing that cost-efficient, consistent, compliant processes are running across your portfolio, pushing risk alerts to the forefront to prioritize your staff on accounts most at risk.  Predictive scoring technology ensures consistent, reliable decisioning to alert you to derogatory information that indicates risk, including such actions as late payments, bankruptcies, charge-offs and new credit inquiries by competitors.

Portfolio monitoring can also enhance collection timing through early warning indicators and identify accounts with recovery potential before they become irrecoverable.  Cost-effective Quality Control procedures can be put in place to accelerate enterprise-wide growth.