cis property valuation service

Property Valuation Models

Automated Valuation Model/AVM/Property Valuation

Valuation model for accuracy & coverage

Instant property value, including comparable values, neighborhood data and more

Instantly identify if your applicant is shopping within their price range

Understand property value trends

Identify comparable properties & values

Nationwide coverage

cis property valuation service

Automated Valuation Models (AVM) provide presale appraisals to accurately identify property value and assist clients in pursuing properties in their price-range.  CIS delivers the Home Value Explorer (HVE), the valuation model for accuracy, coverage & acceptance with lenders.  HVE accuracy is continually tested to reflect market changes.  HVE coverage includes properties in nondisclosure states from the Freddie Mac loan file.  HVE covers all 50 states and over 3,100 counties.  HVE includes details on property characteristics, ownership history, defines an estimated high & low value with confidence score, and delivers comparable recent sales data from neighboring properties. HVE is a widely accepted solution for many different purposes, including loan origination, equity financing, quality control, risk assessment, portfolio evaluation and borrower education.

CIS also delivers the PASS model, which provides all the benefits of the HVE property valuation, along with additional detail on comparable, neighboring properties.