Rescore Report Services

Rescore Report ServiceEssential update to a credit report to obtain refreshed mortgage FICO scores reflecting recent changes

CIS Rescore reports are fast, compliant & accurate

Eliminates waiting for credit bureaus to report changes

Rush rescores fulfilled in < 24 hours; standard requests fulfilled in 2-4 business days

Qualify applicants for better loan programs with improved FICO scores

Win competitive showdowns by quickly obtaining the best score profile

Close more business: turn declines into approves!

Update completed by CIS, FCRA-certified Rescore specialists

Instant & secure transmission of all details & documents through CIS website

CIS Rescore delivers a competitive advantage to grow your business.  Working from the most accurate, updated score, leads to offering the best financing terms, which results in more closings & long-term, profitable relationships!  CIS Rescore provides a means to quickly reflect the credit score impact of updated balances, deleted dispute remarks, recent payments, and other critical updates. CIS Rescore is fulfilled at the bureau level, reflecting the updated score within 2-3 days,or within 24 hours for rush orders!

Rescore documentation is critical to timely fulfillment. All documentation will be verified by the credit bureau.  CIS will contact the client immediately if the bureau has any dispute with the documentation provided. The borrower’s credit file will immediately reflect the action processed once the Rescore request is completed.  It is recommended to repull the credit file, immediately following the completed Rescore.  Rescore reports do not guarantee a score increase Many factors affect credit scores.

Tips:   Reveal score impact before requesting Rescore with What-if Simulator!

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