social security searches

Social Security Searches

SSA89 (Social Security Verification)

The SSA has released an updated SSA89 request form. The new request form can be used immediately and will be required for all new requests by October 1, 2021.

Validation of consumer Social Security Number directly with the Social Security Administration

Prevents fraud: a leading cause of mortgage fraud is identity theft via compromised SSN

Fast: real-time access

Validates SSN matches name, coincides with date issued, is not on Death Master Registry

Easy-to-read results instantly reveal if the consumer’s information is a Match or No Match

Fulfills FNMA’s LQI requirement

Verify SSN and name combination while checking against the SSA Death Master file. The SSA89 Report satisfies Fannie Mae’s LQI requirement.

social security searchesCIS provides direct validation of applicant social security numbers with the Social Security Administration.  SSA89 fulfillment is completed within minutes of the request being placed, ensuring you are able to identify fraud in real-time.  As identity theft grows, recognizing falsified data from your applicants is more imperative than ever.  A recent study revealed there were 6.5 million people using Social Security Numbers that appeared to be 112 years old.  However, census data proved there were only about 5 living Americans of that age.  A discrepancy of this magnitude reinforces the importance of SSN validation.  SSA89 validates a social security number (SSN) for legitimacy swiftly and accurately.  With an average of 5.5 million new Social Security Numbers issued each year in the United States, there is plenty of room for error and for applicants to commit fraud.  Stolen Social Security Numbers, identity theft, attempting to conceal or hide personal information associated with the SSN, and use of social security numbers belonging to deceased, are just a few of the ways people fraudulently abuse identity.  SSA89 validates your applicant is who he or she claims to be, and has an active and valid SSN.

Tips: Do not change the Company Agent information on the SSA89 Authorization form, as it contains the agent for CIS Solutions.

CIS must have an Attestation form on file for each client accessing SSA89.