CIS credit solutions

Supplement Trade-line Update Services

Credit report updates that may reflect recently-changed data

CIS Supplements are fast, compliant and accurate

CIS completes the majority of Supplement requests within 24 hours

Accurate & compliant validation: third-party verification fulfills mortgage-lending requirements

Cost-effectiveness, speed of turnaround and the expertise of the CIS team, has made the Supplement solution one of the most widely-used tools. Commonly referred to as Trade-line Updates, CIS fulfills Supplement requests in 24-48 hours with rush orders completed even more quickly!  Supplements are commonly used to:

Reflect recent payment information on an account
Update balance information
Add missing information to an account
Clarify or update payment status (current, past due, delinquent)

Supplement Solutions ServicesCIS Specialists are experienced at the different procedures creditors follow to update information, including the documentation and approval requirements. Most trade-line verifications require a conference call between the third party (CIS), borrower and creditor. CIS Specialists ensure the proper documentation is secured in advance to ensure the call can be completed using the least amount of the applicant’s time necessary. Borrower communication and participation is critical to expediting Supplement fulfillment! 

Tips to speed fulfillment:

Always submit the borrower’s authorization & all supporting documentation

Include the complete account number & a current copy of the account statement

Tell the applicant CIS is your credit reporting agency

Check email for status updates

Submit documentation specifying payment plan details, when applicable

Submit additional authorization for collection accounts, when applicable

Include specifics in request details

Supplement requests are not completed at the bureau level. Supplement updates and corrections are completed directly with the creditor. Supplements deliver expedited service and third party verification, but will not reflect in the credit score as a Rescore does.