CIS tenant screening services

Tenant Screening Services

cis tenant serviceBackground searches and verification reports to validate rental & lease applicants

Identify risk in tenant applicants by revealing sexual offense convictions, slow-pay/non-pay, evictions and more

National Tenant Package provides consistent, auditable tracking to protect your company. Includes: national criminal search, national eviction trace, person search and single bureau credit with Vantage score

Various search options fulfill your tenant screening requirements at the level of depth & breadth required

With an average eviction cost of nearly $3,500, it’s more important than ever to check the background of prospective tenants.  CIS sifts through thousands of records in minutes to provide independent renters and property management companies detailed results on individuals.

CIS delivers tenant screening through  Go to and sign up in just a few minutes.  For small-volume needs, provides ease-of-setup with no paperwork and no site visit required!  For large property management companies with higher volume needs, will customize searches to address each client’s needs and budget requirements!

Through, CIS delivers a comprehensive set of search and report-types and has integrations with Property Management systems.  Tenant score cards are available to remove the guesswork out of choosing the most qualified tenant and customizable online applications are available to protect sensitive data and strengthen consistent internal procedures.

Gain access to a host of search types including, but not limited to:

County, state, federal, national, international criminal searches

Credit searches

Driving record searches

Drug screening

Identity & Person searches

Global Security WatchLists

Sexual offense registries