cis trended data report

Trended Data Services

Trended Data ServicesDetail on the tradeline including actual monthly payment amount, balance & scheduled payment over the past 24-months

Instant insight to understand:

If balance is paid in full each month

If balance is increasing month-over-month

Seasonal fluctuations in the payment amount

Trend up or down of total amount borrowed

Flexible options to view Trended Data – see as much or as little detail as you require!

Trended data provides the insight to know if a consumer is paying off their balance in full each month vs. paying only the minimum payment required. Equifax and TransUnion released studies revealing how Trended Data may benefit risk analysis and consumer credit access.  Fannie Mae requires Trended Credit Data when underwriting single-family loans through Desktop Underwriter (DU).

Tip: TrendScape provides an instant summary of payment patterns, revolving account movement and a score forecast! Available as an ‘always-on’ solution.