What-if Simulator Services

What-if Simulator Services

What-if Simulator: reveals the score impact from countless different actions.  Understand score impact from paying down balances, calculating the impact of time-passing, consolidating accounts, closing accounts, adding credit account types, changing payment status, removing late dates, removing derogatory information, resolving accounts in dispute and much more.

What-if Simulator:

Instantly identifies the score impact from specific actions

Builds a customized plan, personalized to the applicant’s situation

Assesses the impact of actions the applicant has made since the date of credit pull

Understand how future actions may impact the score

Compare score-improvement plan across bureaus to fully understand impact

Identifies specific date each creditor reports to the credit bureaus

Continue working from the previous simulation for ease of comparing results between bureaus

1-click to access the action plan in a format to share with the borrower

Tip: Use What-if Simulator before placing a Rescore request to understand anticipated score impact

what if simulator services