Undisclosed Debt Notification Services
Undisclosed Debt Notification Services Monitoring & notification of consumer credit activity between time of original credit pull and closing Close more loans by preventing closing-day surprises Protect loans in underwriting with daily notification of credit changes Instantly focus Customer Service activities on accounts most requiring your attention Prevent buy-back risk Stop closing-table surprises Know when Read More
cis trended data report
Trended Data Services Detail on the tradeline including actual monthly payment amount, balance & scheduled payment over the past 24-months Instant insight to understand: If balance is paid in full each month If balance is increasing month-over-month Seasonal fluctuations in the payment amount Trend up or down of total amount borrowed Flexible options to view Trended Data Read More
CIS credit solutions
Supplement Trade-line Update Services Credit report updates that may reflect recently-changed data CIS Supplements are fast, compliant and accurate CIS completes the majority of Supplement requests within 24 hours Accurate & compliant validation: third-party verification fulfills mortgage-lending requirements Cost-effectiveness, speed of turnaround and the expertise of the CIS team, has made the Supplement solution one of the most widely-used tools. Commonly Read More
Rescore Report Services Essential update to a credit report to obtain refreshed mortgage FICO scores reflecting recent changes CIS Rescore reports are fast, compliant & accurate Eliminates waiting for credit bureaus to report changes Rush rescores fulfilled in < 24 hours; standard requests fulfilled in 2-4 business days Qualify applicants for better loan programs with improved FICO scores Read More
refresh LQI report
Refresh (LQI) Report Services A soft-pull credit report, generally requested immediately before closing, to identify changes since the initial credit-pull Addresses loan quality requirements Reduces buy-back risk Ensures terms on which borrower qualified are validated at closing Prevent buy-back risk by ensuring your applicant’s credit-standing has remained unchanged during the underwriting period.  CIS provides easy-to-access Read More
CIS PreQualification Soft-Pull Services
PreQualification Soft-Pull Services A report used to assess if an individual is ready for loan approval.  CIS PreQual includes the mortgage FICO score and is fulfilled with a soft-inquiry, reflecting all creditor information as shown in mortgage credit. Low cost Does not generate a trigger lead, shielding your applicants from competitors Fill your pipeline: build Read More
cis Portfolio Monitoring Services
Portfolio Monitoring Services Identify & assess risk and growth opportunities across company-wide accounts Eliminate time spent researching & monitoring your entire portfolio Focus customer-service activities on accounts most requiring attention Proactively address accounts with indicators signifying future buy-back and/or default risk Proactively identify growth indicators to cross-sell, up-sell and broaden relationships CIS delivers solutions to mitigate risk & Read More
cis Lien & Judgment Services
Lien & Judgment Services Lien & Judgment (LexisNexis, L&J, RiskView) A report that includes public record lien & judgment (L&J) filings Instantly assess consumer default risk Borrowers with unpaid Lien & Judgement records are 2x more likely to default Reveal the liens & judgments that the credit bureaus removed from mortgage credit CIS L&J report is FCRA compliant! CIS fulfills L&J supplements Read More
cis credit report service
Credit Report Services Credit Report (TriMerge Credit, TriBureau Credit) A profile that provides insight on an individual’s financial stability and payment behavior.  Includes payment history, credit limits, account status, type of credit and more. Easy-to-read Includes all borrower details available from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion Removes duplication, merging all data from the 3 bureaus into Read More
cis credit attributes
Credit Attributes Credit Attributes reveal findings in the borrower's credit that impact underwriting requirements, the borrower's ability to qualify, and much more.  Credit Attributes are highly customizable to each clients' requirements, creating efficiencies in underwriting and saving time.  Detail in the credit report is calculated and summarized, delivering instant analysis, rather than requiring manual review Read More