Credit Assure Service
Credit Assure Service Credit Assure: reveals score potential on each applicant. Immediately identifies if the borrower can qualify and/or qualify at better terms 1-click on ‘more’ (see below) button navigates to Wayfinder to instantly retrieve the applicant’s customized score plan Tip: Credit Assure provides an ‘always-on’ solution to immediately identify point potential by bureau on Read More
CIS Credit Radar Services
Credit Radar Services Summarizes and highlights primary score-impacting details from the credit report, including: mid-score, mid-score forecast, mid-score risk, negative mortgage history, number of accounts by collection, dispute, authorized user, recent mortgage inquiries and more. Credit Radar: 1-page summary of key score-impact details Instantly uncovers risk and trends in mid-score Tip: Credit Radar provides an Read More
TrendScape Services TrendScape: summarizes and simplifies Trended Data showing revolving balance movement, payment patterns for revolving & installment accounts and a mid-score forecast. TrendScape: Gain insight on credit risk from details revealed by payment amounts Understand applicants’ score movement likely in the next 3 months Tip: TrendScape provides an ‘always-on’ solution to immediately identify score forecast! Read More
What-if Simulator Services
What-if Simulator Services What-if Simulator: reveals the score impact from countless different actions.  Understand score impact from paying down balances, calculating the impact of time-passing, consolidating accounts, closing accounts, adding credit account types, changing payment status, removing late dates, removing derogatory information, resolving accounts in dispute and much more. What-if Simulator: Instantly identifies the score Read More
cis wayfinder seervie
CIS Wayfinder Services Identifies the most efficient, impactful score improvement plan through instant evaluation of hundreds of score-improvement options Finds an average of 27 points per applicant! Instantly available Customized actions for each applicant with specific detail Percent likelihood of success provides confidence-rating that plan will achieve the goal Ability to modify score goal, timeframe, Read More