social security searches
Social Security Searches SSA89 (Social Security Verification) Validation of consumer Social Security Number directly with the Social Security Administration Prevents fraud: a leading cause of mortgage fraud is identity theft via compromised SSN Fast: real-time access Validates SSN matches name, coincides with date issued, is not on Death Master Registry Easy-to-read results instantly reveal if Read More
InstantID Consumer verification Prevent fraud with instant consumer verification Catch risk before labor cost is incurred on loan files Consumer verification score provides means to consistently enforce procedures Instant access to over 36 billion public & private record filings reveals hidden risk Delivers a 99.9% resolution rate The only consumer verification endorsed by the American Read More
Application Data Validation Services
Application Data Validation Services Application Data Validation (ADV) Comprehensive report that verifies all loan information, including validation elements required by secondary market investors: Fannie Mae LQI, CitiMortgage, Chase Rural, Stonegate Mortgage, Pacific Union Financial and more Easy-to-read report Objective, independent analysis Identifies fraud & flags risk elements Reduce buy-back exposure Summarized findings include: Summary Alert Read More