CIS Verification of Employment
Verification of Employment/Income, and VOE/I Validation of employment, including: date of hire, date of termination, position title, employer details, income and more Instant access to all employers reporting to The Work Number: CIS integration provides instant fulfillment of VOE/I reports from TWN’s database of millions of employers CIS offers manual VOE/I fulfillment in the same Read More
CIS Asset Verification Services
Asset Verification Services Verification of Asset, Verification of Deposit, VOD/A Validates consumer assets, deposits and account activity with statements delivered directly from the borrower’s financial institution (bank, checking, savings, investment) Prevents fraud: direct delivery eliminates altered data Fast: real-time access to statements following borrower’s confirmation Secure: bank-level compliance Third-party verification addresses GSE and secondary investor Read More
4506t Tax Verification
4506C Tax Return Verifications, TRV The IRS has released an updated 4506C form (no longer 4506T). The new request form can be used immediately and will be required for all new requests by May 1, 2021. Verifies consumer income with the Internal Revenue Service Identifies & prevents fraud CIS pre-check nearly eliminates IRS rejections, providing cost Read More