CIS Verification of Employment
Verification of Employment/Income, and VOE/I Validation of employment, including: date of hire, date of termination, position title, employer details, income and more Instant access to all employers reporting to The Work Number: CIS integration provides instant fulfillment of VOE/I reports from TWN’s database of millions of employers CIS offers manual VOE/I fulfillment in the same Read More
CIS Asset Verification Services
Asset Verification Services Verification of Asset, Verification of Deposit, VOD/A Validates consumer assets, deposits and account activity with statements delivered directly from the borrower’s financial institution (bank, checking, savings, investment) Prevents fraud: direct delivery eliminates altered data Fast: real-time access to statements following borrower’s confirmation Secure: bank-level compliance Third-party verification addresses GSE and secondary investor Read More
4506t Tax Verification
4506T Tax Return Verifications, TRV Verifies consumer income with the Internal Revenue Service Identifies & prevents fraud CIS pre-check nearly eliminates IRS rejections, providing cost savings Industry-leading turn-time; all open requests traced daily Electronically-signed & wet-signed request forms accepted CIS 4506T integrated & approved for Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty Easy-to-ready transcripts delivered electronically Transcripts Read More